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We started Lazybones Laundry and Storage in Madison, WI in 1993 when we were just kids ourselves. 21 years old and full of energy and excitement. A Jewish kid from Newton, MA (me), and a Haitian American from Chicago (Reg). Former roommates in the dorms at the UW, and best buddies (even still today!). What we lacked in business capital and experience we made up with hard work and pride in our finished laundry. In retrospect we should have gone out of business. No sane person works the kind of hours Reg and I were working for the amount of money we were making (aka losing). But we believed in each other, and we learned fast. Our commitment to consistent quality and being practical has forced us to grow slowly, but has always allowed us to be proud of our service and the value we offer.

We now service campuses across the country in Boston MA, Boulder CO, Chicago IL, Madison WI, Newark DE, and Syracuse NY. Operating locally in each city - with a licensee who knows and loves your campus and local staff whose names are on the line with every laundry and storage customer serviced. We utilize complex barcode IT systems, but have never lost track of the people at Lazybones who make this company what it is. A thorough and careful hiring process, patient detail oriented training program, and philosophy centered around creating and valuing a good long term community environment for all the Lazybones Team are the foundation of the value we create. I am proud to say that we continue to create new jobs for hardworking energetic people.

Today our small business cares for thousands of students, washing more than 35,000 pounds of personal laundry every week and handling more than 40,000 storage items during the 2 weeks of move out season all with an error rate of less than one half of 1 percent. We hope you'll give us a try, and if you have any suggestions or even complaints we hope you will let us know. We are always trying to improve.
Daniel Hermann
President & Co-Founder
Lazybones Laundry and Storage

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We loved you guys! Storage, laundry and such great people. I'm sure as she talks about college Lazybones will come up as one of the happiest parts!
Elizabeth N, UW student mom


Room to Room (or door to door service). No extra fees to keep your hands clean.


We service the entire campus.
Most dormitories have a front desk for drop off and pickup.

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