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Here are some of the Universities and building owners who endorse our laundry and storage services:

Contracted with the
University of Wisconsin Madison
Housing to provide shipping and storage services
as well as laundry and dry cleaning services

Syracuse University
Office of Residence Life for laundry services
University Bookstore for storage services

Bentley University
For laundry, dry cleaning and storage services

Cornell University
For laundry services

Northeastern University
For storage services

Northwestern University
For laundry services

Steve Brown Apartments
For laundry and storage services

University of Delaware Alumni Association
For laundry and storage services
Dexter Park Realty (Boston, MA)
For laundry and storage services

The Towers
For laundry and storage services

The Statesider
For laundry and storage services

Our testimonials
I'd like to thank you for helping to make Lazybones a quality service. My wife and I have found you to be most coureous and professional."
John A, Madison customer


Room to Room (or door to door service). No extra fees to keep your hands clean.


We service the entire campus.
Most dormitories have a front desk for drop off and pickup.

Storage Process

Our storage service mapped into simple steps.

Laundry Process

Our laundry service mapped into simple steps.

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